Cutting, rolling, molding, welding—you name it, we can do it.

Our team at Precision Fabrication has decades of experience producing a wide variety of finished products out of aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. Our 12,000-square-foot facility is equipped to perform a wide variety of metal fabrication services, and with four 3-ton overhead cranes on site, we can handle projects up to 60’ x 14’ with ease. Explore the possibilities below, then give us a call to talk about your custom fabrication project.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting employs a focused, high-powered laser beam to cut metal into custom shapes and designs. This advanced technology delivers precise, accurate cuts with high-quality edge finishes, all in a quick turnaround time.

SLTL Infinity Laser Cutter

Our SLTL Infinity Laser is a high-tech fiber laser made for precision cutting. It can handle a max sheet size of 60” x 120” and is capable of cutting thicknesses up to ¼” aluminum, ⅜” stainless steel, 11 gauge copper, 6 gauge brass, and ⅝” steel. One of just two of these machines operating in the US, the Infinity produces high-quality cuts and edges which usually don’t require additional cleaning, treating, or finishing—decreasing the need for additional finishing processes. Using this equipment, we can create precise, intricate, complex parts without any custom-designed tooling. And, with dual shuttle capabilities, the Infinity eliminates downtime from loading and unloading the sheets of material.

Water Jet Cutting

Precision Abrasive
Water Jet Cutting.

Our two OMAX Precision Jet Machining Centers position us to cut a variety of materials with high precision and creative swagger. We can cut very large pieces directly from a CAD drawing, .DXF file or .DWG file, so our only limitation is your imagination!

Water Jet

OMAX 80160
Tilt-A-Jet Jet Machining Center

Our OMAX 80160 Tilt-A-Jet Jet Machining Center table has a max cutting area of 144” x 80” and can cut thicknesses up to 6” for stainless steel and 8” for black iron. With the Tilt-A-Jet accessory, the OMAX 80160 can move the natural taper of the cut to a scrap part of the material, leaving you with square edges. That means we can reduce secondary machining by easily cutting interlocking pieces, lead-ins, dovetail fittings and more—without taper. The cutting mechanism tilts up to 9° to maintain straight, right-angle cuts around corners.

Jet Machining Center

Our OMAX 80X Jet Machining Center is designed for large-scale precision machining of large single or multiple parts from stock up to 6’8” x 19’4”. Our max cutting area is 238” x 76”, in thicknesses up to 6” for stainless steel and 8” for black iron and other materials. With this machine, we can cut complex flat parts out of a wide array of materials including metal, plastic, plate glass, ceramics, stone, and composites. This machine can also cut extremely hard, reflective and non-conductive materials. Setup time is short, and the smooth finish often eliminates the need for secondary machining.

Water Jet Capabilities

Together, the versatility and precision of these machines is nearly unmatched. If you
need something cut, we can probably do it. Just tell us what you need.

Plate and Angle Rolling

Steel Rolling.

Plate Rolling

Plate Rolling

Our staff has exceptional expertise in innovative, heavy-duty metal forming. Our three in-house plate rollers are 6’, 8’ and 10’ wide and capable of handling plates up to ½” thick x 120” in length.

Angle Rolling

Angle Rolling

In addition to angle iron, we can do pipe, square tubing and special needs rolling. We also supply roof truss components and curved steel roofing to manufacture steel buildings.

Press Brake Bending

Steel Shaping.

Hydrapower Shearing

Hydrapower Shear

Shearing is a key capability in steel fabrication. Our HydraPower shear can accurately cut straight lines in flat mild steel up to 3/8” thick, 14’ wide and 20’ long, and stainless steel up to ¼” thick, 14’ wide and 20’ long.


Press Braking

Press brakes are used to bend sheet metal in predetermined locations by pressing the steel between a matching punch and die. Our press brake bends mild steel up to ½” x 14’ and also Grade 50-70.



Our Piranha P-50 Ironworker punches holes, adds notches, shears flat or at an angle, and features automatic urethane hold downs to ensure precise cuts up to 50 tons at
3/4” diameter.

Custom Molding
Custom Molds

Custom Molding.

We work with a wide variety of companies in different industries to craft molds for everything from boat seats to agricultural feed systems. Molds for tanks with up to 10,000-gallon capacity are common, and we can work from CAD drawings or customer drawings—whatever you have. If you need a mold for a plastic part of almost any size, we can most likely build it.



With four certified welders on staff with a combined 125+ years of experience, we are able to offer a wide variety of expert welding services. We can weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel with multiple methods, including metal inert gas welding (MIG), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), and arc welding. All that to say, if your project requires welding, we’ve got you covered.